I would just like to take a moment to thank you for the nearly thirty years of interaction in my dental practice, and your dental lab.  That relationship started out as merely a business.  But over the years it transformed into respect and friendship.  Your lab represented what I feel is the essence of a desirable dental lab.  Small.  Prior to working with you I had spent time with a number of large labs.  Typically they sent out a serviceable but often rather industrial looking prosthesis.  In your lab I found that elusive something that made the crowns appear alive.  Remember when we started we only had PFM’s available to use.  That alive appearance is all the more remarkable given the metal in those early restorations.  With the advent of e-max those early issues were more easily overcome, still many of the e-max I have seen from the “large labs” still retain that industrial appearance.

We also had the good fortune of learning about dental implants over the years.  Of the perhaps three hundred you and I did, I don’t believe we ever had a “do over”.  Certainly there were a few where we had to scratch our heads to make that final correct adjustment.  But that is where the one on one give and take of a committed small lab owner and hopefully an equally committed dentist has a major advantage, I believe, over the large labs.

Another benefit of dealing with a small lab is the ability to quickly discover the source of any fit or finish issues.  With the large labs where perhaps as many as 20 different people being involved in the process, your small lab made the discovery of those problems rather easy and quick to identify and correct.  Better yet there were very few of those issues over the years.

Again Mark,  Thank you for all the “fun” over the years.