I can’t actually remember how long I have been working with Mark Kennedy as my ceramicist, but it is more than 20 years.  Over that time Mark has continued to train with some of the best in the industry to stay up with the most current materials and techniques.  This commitment to excellence shows up in all of his work.  He creates restorations that mimic nature and are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.  This supports our cosmetic vision to create for our patients a smile that looks like theirs only better.  The cosmetic portion of my practice continues to grow using the “esthetic preview” provided by Mark for giving patients the unprecedented opportunity to view what their new smile will look like before they make a decision to proceed.  He also is one of the few technicians who has the skill to provide feldspathic veneers, the ultra  conservative and amazingly lifelike option for smile makeovers.

In addition to his technical skills, Mark is very easy to work with.  I communicate directly with him on every cosmetic case, either by phone or email.  We use photos and models to work out the details together so there are no surprises.  Consequently the fact that he is located in a different city is inconsequential.  He is also a very generous human being and has often donated his services for a pro bono case I am working on.

If you are looking for an excellent technician to help you provide the results you need for even the most demanding cosmetic cases, Mark is the man.  To see some of the work he has done for us visit the gallery portion of our website: www.staffordsmiles.net.