Our office has been working with Mark Kennedy of Kennedy Dental Arts for more than 20 years; initially while he was located in Portland and since he relocated to Central Oregon. Dentistry is so much more enjoyable when you have the confidence to deliver a case successfully and efficiently while meeting or exceeding the patient’s expectations and Mark facilitates this.  Whether the case is “high touch”, or not, the quality of restorations that we receive back from Kennedy Dental Arts meet or exceed our goals.  This doesn’t just happen by chance.  There can be a need for diagnostic wax-ups, trial smiles, photographs, written and verbal communication, then synthesizing the information to recreate lifelike, natural looking restorations, and Mark makes this happen.  We have had different needs for different cases which Kennedy Dental Arts has been able to provide.  Layered or unlayered, aluminum disilicate or zirconia, screw retained or cemented, he does them all exceptionally, including the tough mixed cases involving veneers and crowns and occlusal rehabilitations. I recommend Kennedy Dental Arts as they make my work life smooth and relaxed, while not having to stress about outcomes.