I have completed several highly detailed cosmetic cases with Kennedy Dental Arts and the attention to detail, ease of communication, and unbelievable esthetic results has made KDA our “go-to lab” for our cases.

The use of the Trial Smile has transformed our office’s cosmetic services. By providing a cosmetic preview for our patients our patient are able to see what their results will look like before we even start. This allows for great communication with our patients on expectations as well as our lab on what we as the provider need to do to achieve this. By using this system, we have increased our patient acceptance on our cosmetic cases by over 80{bdea641ca30dadf40c7cae92d99af1d169fb94bf7fa5787b3965cead763e9029} just in the last year.

I would highly recommend Kennedy Dental Arts to any dentist that wants to give their patients the very best esthetic outcomes possible.