The Full Contoured Zirconia crown is a milled monolithic zirconia restoration that is glazed and finished without layered porcelain.  Zirconia is a very good material available for bridges and for creating a strong esthetically desirable restoration.




KDA offers Zirconia products to achieve higher esthetics with a wide range of translucency and strength.

  • High strength of 900+ Mpa with no chipping or porcelain fracturing worries.
  • Excellent esthetics with multiple shades and beautiful anatomy.
  • Full Contour Zirconia is the smart alternative to the high price of gold crowns.
  • Competitive pricing offering real value to patients and dentists.
  • Great solution for bruxers and clenchers.
  • Ideal when teeth are clinically short.
  • Where occlusal clearance is tight.
  • Ideal posterior metal free for single units & bridges.
  • With added translucency.