KDA prides itself in specializing in the process of the “Trial Smile”, which we refer to as the “Esthetic Preview.”   With 20+ years of producing cosmetic restorations we have the experience and understanding of what is necessary to deliver optimal beauty and esthetics. Predictable results due to the mock up are achieved prior to the prep and seating of the restorations.


Why a Trial Smile/Esthetic Preview?

  • Predictable esthetic results are critical.
  • Allows careful evaluation of function, anterior guidance and cuspid rise.
  • Patients are often reluctant financially and unsure of the outcome.
  • Offers the advantage of providing the doctor and patient a visual representation of the final results in their mouth.
  • The patient participates & agrees to the treatment plan.
  • Assures the doctor and patient of being absolutely committed and thrilled with the final outcome prior to the dental work.
  • Since the patient agrees in advance the doctor minimizes prep time and chair time that may otherwise result in changes that may need to be made once restorations are tried in.
  • Once the patient leaves the office and shows their family and friends their new smile…it is a high probability they will want to proceed.

Are you asking your patients if they would consider a Trial Smile?

  • If not, why not?
  • Do you want to build your cosmetic practice?
  • What would that mean to your bottom line?
  • Let KDA collaborate with you.

Questions to consider asking your patients about their smile:

  • Have you ever considered improving or enhancing your smile?
  • Would you like to see and wear a beautiful new smile prior to considering pursuing this procedure?
  • Do you feel your smile affects your self esteem, your confidence or your desire to show your full emotions?

Steps to the Trial Smile/Aesthetic Preview

  1. Required photos for Cosmetic Case:
    1. Pre-Op Photo
    2. Eye Brow to chin – Full Smile
    3. Repose – Relaxed Smile
  1. Mount the models & do the wax up.
  2. KDA fabricates a silicon index.
  3. Doctor uses a composite material (i.e. luxatemp) and puts it in the silicone index.
  4. The doctor places it in the mouth, waits a couple of minutes to remove the silicone index to reveal the esthetic preview.
  5. Patient goes home with their new smile!
  6. Patient approves the results & moves forward with scheduling an appointment for prepping and impressions.
    (in which case the silicone index can be used for mock-up for prepping and for the provisional.)

The silicone index can be used 3 times:

  1. The esthetic preview.
  2. Mock-up for prepping
  3. Provisionals.

In some cases when there are teeth that are out of the arch form that need additional reduction at preparation time we can do an additive reductive wax-up.