Because of KDA’s commitment to our clients and our confidence in the work we provide, we are proud to offer the following warranty’s and remake policy:


  • Full Zirconia Crowns – 5 years
  • PFM Restorations – 5 years
  • IPS e.max Restorations – 2 years


Remake charges will apply under the following conditions:

  • If the Dr. or patient requests a tooth shade different from the original request.
  • If the treatment plan or material is changed from the original request.
  • If the crown/veneer/implant fits the model, but doesn’t not fit in the mouth.

KDA does not cover:

  • Restoration failure due to insufficient reduction.
    (material thickness less than optimum according to manufacturer’s recommendations.)
  • Restoration failure due to patient’s adverse habits (bruxism and negligent hygiene.)
  • Restoration chipping or fracturing due to unexpected accident/action.
    (i.e. taking a fall, biting on hard item.)
  • Failure due to improper material selection on dentist’s part when contrary to KDA’s recommended product.
  • Loss of restoration due to bonding/cementation failure.  Cementations materials should be discussed with KDA when using new materials or if in doubt.
  • Due to their delicate nature, we are unable to offer a warranty on Feldspathic Veneers.