Over 20+ years of implant and cosmetic restorative work


We pride ourselves in being a specialty boutique lab offering personal service and “recreating the fine art of nature.” 

With 40 years of experience in the dental lab industry, 20+ years have been committed to implant and cosmetic restorative work. Rapidly evolving advances make it imperative to stay ahead of the curve and always maintain the cutting edge.

Our philosophy is in order to achieve excellence in dentistry, it is a delicate dance between the patient, the doctor and the lab. It is a collaboration, it is teamwork. Therefore, when the dentist seats the case…we all strive to hit a home run!

Our mission is to assure undetectable, seamless and enduring results. With our cosmetic cases, we have great joy in knowing the patient experiences a remarkable change in their lives. How they feel about themselves is first and foremost, and that they are absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

We are dedicated to the highest standards in artistry, technical and product knowledge.  Our commitment and passion delivers stunning restorations with technical perfection.

“We are what we repeatedly do.
EXCELLENCE, therefore, is not an act
it is a HABIT.” – Aristotle


KDA Offers Philanthropic Services!

Throughout the 40 years that Mark Kennedy has practiced, there have been patients who have been in great need of restorative dental work, but have not had the means to take care of it.  Mark has offered his services many times at no cost or at a significantly reduced rate.

Listed below is an article, which shares how KDA collaborated with Valley Dental Works for two patients in need. Not only did this greatly enhance their smiles, also correction of malfunction was achieved.

A wonderful outcome for both patients, hear more about their journey in our patient testimonial gallery.  (KDA in yellow highlight)

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